My Mad Fat Diary 2

Stupid, selfish Rae. But I must be even more stupid than her since I envy her for being loved by people. It’s good to know that others also have problems like I do including those who look really perfect and of no worries. Faced by myself 10 or 20 years younger than me, would I be able to say she’s perfect? I strongly doubt that. I don’t know what I should do to get to love myself. Also enjoyed those Cockney accents.

Now I’m quite mad because of someone’s lack of responsibility.

My Mad Fat Diary 2


How can one be so arrogant and lack confidence at the same time?

It’s really hard to love myself like I love somebody else.


Language issue

I care a lot about whether I spoke English well enough each day.


1) when I said hi to Sabrina she told she knew I was Korean by my accent. What?? That’s the kind of the thing that I wanna hear last. But I know she was trying to be nice to me and she was proud that she noticed I was Korean. So that’s fine.

2) on our way to Crazy House, Nadia asked Lois how she speaks English so well, which meant I was not as good as her..? Of course she mustn’t have meant it but I suddenly lost a lot of confidence and became quieter.

3) But finally Nick asked me how I spoke English so well. yeah!! He said my accent sounded as if I haved liven in the US.

Yup I’m fully satisfied with what Nick said. So today’s enough.

Language issue

Evening in Da Lat

We had family dinner together at Cozy Nook. They served some soup, la muong or morning glory, pork, beef, and jia jio.

Sweet Sabrina took care of me and we talked with a new guy named Nick. He was an American living in Amsterdam.

We talked about a lot of things. We were at the lounge from 6 to 10. I liked listening to Nick talking about American politics. There was an Australian guy and he seemed quite knowledgeable about American politics, too.

As for me, I talked about English names and I asked them why they never use umbrellas. And Sabrina said “yeah, everyone uses an umbrella in Korea!” What?!?

Nick has been to New Zealand- god, I finally found someone who’s been to New Zealand- so we praised how nice the people are and how beautiful the country is.

The Australian guy said South Africa was his favorite country. Maybe I’ll go there next time.

Nick talked about French people. According to him, French are quite individualistic at work. But when Nick left, someone began talking about what Americans are like. They said they act as if they know everything. Hmm.. interesting. On the other hand, they agreed that Canadians and Australians are really similar.

Lois was brave enough to mention that all Australians’ ancestors are criminals.The Australian guy was quite perplexed and said crime doesn’t go down the genes. 😦 yeah that’s true. Also, I’m not sure if I don’t have any ancestors who were criminals.

Sabrina was so sweet and she talked a lot about Korea. I was surprised to see how much she knows about Korean alphabets and other things.

Evening in Da Lat

Afternoon in Da Lat

All of them looked like friends. I was sitting apart from them, didn’t take a shower, was at a loss because I had just woken up on the sofa. I became kind of desperate so I collected all the guts out of me and said “Hello.” to a girl.

By the way it was my one and only thing I wanted to fulfill during my travel to Da Lat and it went so easy because that girl was such a nice person.

Her name was Sabrina. Surprisingly she just left Korea in January. She used to teach English there. So she was so happy to see me and I was introduced to her friend Lois.

I went to ride a cable car with Lois and another friend of hers, Nadia. I don’t know why Europeans speak English so well. I’m jealous:( 

Mostly I just pretended listening to what they were talking about. But still I didn’t give up and they were kind enough to attend to what I was saying when I was saying.

What they got most interest in me was about plastic surgery stuff. And Jehovah’s Witness.

Since Lois was studying law, we talked about that, too. And also about the pressures that come from your parents.

We walked and walked and met a nice guy named Leneords or something. Some people I met in this country surprise me by making a right guess about my nationality. Not only Sabrina but Lois and Leneords knew I was Korean once they saw me.

To be frank I was not comfortable at all to hang out with them because their English is good and mine’s not. So I think I positioned myself as a quiet girl. 

Afternoon in Da Lat

Morning in Da Lat Day 1

밤에 슬리핑버스를 타면 대체로 예정보다 훠얼씬 일찍 도착하게 됨을 유념하자. 무이네는 5시 도착 예정이었던 것이 3시에 도착했고, 이번 달랏에서는 8시 도착이었는데 날 5시에 떨어뜨려놨다=_=

어리석게도 호스텔 이름을 안 적어놔서 풍짱의 무료셔틀을 놓쳤고 호객행위를 하던 오토바이 택시를 타고 숙소까지 갔다. 1.6km에 3500원..? 흠 약간 바가지 쓴 것 같기도 한데 뭐 아무튼. 무이네에서도 느꼈던 거지만 그렇게 이른 시간에 숙소 앞에 도착하면 진짜 당황스럽다. 뉴질랜드랑 다르게 로비가 열려있는 것도 아니고, 그렇다고 한국처럼 24시간 열려있는 카페나 편의점이 있는 것도 아니고. 게다가 달랏의 새벽은 꽤 추웠다.

그러다 술을 마시고 돌아오는 3인의 일행을 봤는데 나랑 똑같은 호스텔에 머무는 것 같아서 또 힐끔힐끔 쳐다봤다. 한 명이 반미를 사는 동안 다른 두 명은 옆 골목에서 열정적으로 키스를 함ㅠㅠ 목격하고 싶지 않았는데 봐버려서 어색어색. 아무튼 말을 걸었더니 키스를 나누던 남자분이 캐리어를 들어줬다. 여자분도 엄청 취해서는 나한테 만주를 하나 건넴ㅋㅋ 당황하지 않고 받아서 먹었다. 

By the way, why are all men so strong? Normally I don’t want to act like a weak, whining girl, but I just can’t lift big stuffs and it gives me so much stress when I have to move heavy stuffs from here to there.  So whenever some men help me moving my luggage, I feel so thankful and also I get pretty impressed just to notice how strong men are compared to women, because they just hold my luggage with one hand and it looks so light then, while I can’t move it with all my hands. It reminded me of Jaeman in New Plymouth. Lol

Maybe the hostel was fully booked so the lady didn’t let me sleep in bed. instead she let me sleep on a sofa in the lounge. so I did. When I woke up a couple of hours later, all the people were having breakfast sitting next to me. It was so embarrassing so I instantly got up and didn’t know what to do now. 

The lady suggested me having breakfast so I ate some. I wouldn’t say it was really nice. But it was worth it because I made some friends while I was having breakfast.

Morning in Da Lat Day 1

Ho Chi Minh City – Day 1

첫 느낌 – 내가 그동안 선진국에 있기는 했었나 보다. 공항 직원들의 친절함, 미소가 그립다^_ㅠ 그래도 이따금 발견할 수 있는 베트남 사람들의 미소는 다른 이들의 미소보다 푸근하다.
밤늦게까지 불이 환하게 켜져 있는 상점들, 거리 가득한 사람들은 반갑다.

kakaotalk_20170212_174744602임시 거처가 생각보다 좋다.

사람도 사귀고, 몇 주 더 여행하는 기분을 느껴보겠다며 호치민에 가서도 백패커스에 머무를 거라고 난리쳤지만 막상 방이 너무 좋으니까 갈등하게 된다. 공용 부엌이 있는 것으로 확인된다면 이대로 눌러 앉게 될 것 같다.

아냣, 그래도 내일이나 모레 백패커스를 둘러 보기는 해야지. 호스텔월드에는 죽어라 검색해도 마땅한 숙소가 안 나오더니 오늘 booking.com에 들어가보니 괜찮은 곳이 많다.

KakaoTalk_20170212_225344373.jpg호치민에서의 첫 끼니는 베트남 남부 지방에서 많이 먹는다는 껌승. 특별한 음식도 아닌데 하노이에선 안 팔고 여기에선 흔하게 볼 수 있다는 게 신기하다. 예전에 길거리에서 쌀국수를 먹었던 느낌으로 이번에도 현지인들이 먹듯이 먹어보고 싶었으나 마땅한 곳을 발견하지 못하고 현대화된 느낌의 Saigon Cafe에서 먹었다. 소 뒷걸음질 치다 쥐 잡은 격으로 정확하게 내가 먹고자 했던 계란 프라이를 곁들인, 껌땀승-옵라와 쓰어다를 주문했다. 껌땀이 broken rice를 가리키는 거라는데 포만감이 덜하다는 느낌이 들었다. 껌땀승이 아니라 그냥 껌승을 주문하면 내가 생각하는 밥이 나오려나.

식사를 마치고 나서는 노트르담 성당까지 산책을 갔다가 내일 출근할 때 들 에코백을 하나 샀고, 다이아몬드 플라자 구경을 갔다. 푸드 코트에서 저렴한 스테이크를 파는 걸 보고 흐뭇해졌다.

물가가 싸다고 막 쓰지 말고 가난한 유학생처럼 살아보자 다짐하고 왔건만, 이래저래 오늘 하루만 30만 동 정도 썼다. 그래도 내일 저녁에 회식을 한다면 내일은 돈을 한 푼도 안 쓰게 될 테니 괜찮을 것이다.ㅠㅠ

뉴질랜드 갔다 와서 너무 생각 없이 호치민으로 온 느낌이다. 오늘도 오면서 뭐라도 배우고 돌아가게 해달라고 기도했는데 글쎄, 이곳에서는 어떻게 생활해야 새로운 것을 배울 수 있을까. 일을 열심히 하면 되는 것인지, 열심히 다니면서 많이 구경하면 되는 것인지, 새로운 사람을 찾아 나서야 하는 것인지 잘 모르겠다. 일단은 내일은 늦지 않게 출근 잘 해서 주는 일 열심히 하고 회식 자리에도 즐겁게 참석해야지.

그러나, 열심히 하기는 개뿔, 참고서적도 한 권도 들고 오지 않은데 더하여 가지고 오려고 했던 필통을 놓고 왔다는 사실을 깨달았다. 흐규.

Ho Chi Minh City – Day 1