Afternoon in Da Lat

All of them looked like friends. I was sitting apart from them, didn’t take a shower, was at a loss because I had just woken up on the sofa. I became kind of desperate so I collected all the guts out of me and said “Hello.” to a girl.

By the way it was my one and only thing I wanted to fulfill during my travel to Da Lat and it went so easy because that girl was such a nice person.

Her name was Sabrina. Surprisingly she just left Korea in January. She used to teach English there. So she was so happy to see me and I was introduced to her friend Lois.

I went to ride a cable car with Lois and another friend of hers, Nadia. I don’t know why Europeans speak English so well. I’m jealous:( 

Mostly I just pretended listening to what they were talking about. But still I didn’t give up and they were kind enough to attend to what I was saying when I was saying.

What they got most interest in me was about plastic surgery stuff. And Jehovah’s Witness.

Since Lois was studying law, we talked about that, too. And also about the pressures that come from your parents.

We walked and walked and met a nice guy named Leneords or something. Some people I met in this country surprise me by making a right guess about my nationality. Not only Sabrina but Lois and Leneords knew I was Korean once they saw me.

To be frank I was not comfortable at all to hang out with them because their English is good and mine’s not. So I think I positioned myself as a quiet girl. 

Afternoon in Da Lat

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