Evening in Da Lat

We had family dinner together at Cozy Nook. They served some soup, la muong or morning glory, pork, beef, and jia jio.

Sweet Sabrina took care of me and we talked with a new guy named Nick. He was an American living in Amsterdam.

We talked about a lot of things. We were at the lounge from 6 to 10. I liked listening to Nick talking about American politics. There was an Australian guy and he seemed quite knowledgeable about American politics, too.

As for me, I talked about English names and I asked them why they never use umbrellas. And Sabrina said “yeah, everyone uses an umbrella in Korea!” What?!?

Nick has been to New Zealand- god, I finally found someone who’s been to New Zealand- so we praised how nice the people are and how beautiful the country is.

The Australian guy said South Africa was his favorite country. Maybe I’ll go there next time.

Nick talked about French people. According to him, French are quite individualistic at work. But when Nick left, someone began talking about what Americans are like. They said they act as if they know everything. Hmm.. interesting. On the other hand, they agreed that Canadians and Australians are really similar.

Lois was brave enough to mention that all Australians’ ancestors are criminals.The Australian guy was quite perplexed and said crime doesn’t go down the genes. 😦 yeah that’s true. Also, I’m not sure if I don’t have any ancestors who were criminals.

Sabrina was so sweet and she talked a lot about Korea. I was surprised to see how much she knows about Korean alphabets and other things.

Evening in Da Lat

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