I’ve just got my snulife account suspended. It might sound nothing significant to most other people, but I’m pretty sure those who know me well would be astonished at this news, because I’ve been into this community since 6 years before. In early days, I was allured by the users’ seemingly insightful discourses. As the years went by, however, I found this website not only time-consuming, but emotionally exhausting. They constantly look for other people to criticize for any reason, they routinely rank people by materialistic standards such as appearance or money they make, and ignore those who fall short of these standards. After 6 years, I have become one of those people. I’m not avoiding from the probable criticism that I am otherizing the users, because I know it was me who willed to spend my time on reading the trash. Today, people were fighting over their all-time favorite issues like whether becoming a medical doctor is the best career in life, and why paying for kiss/sex should be blamed. Sometimes, they are issues worth discussing, but on snulife, it’s mostly hard to achieve fruitful outcome after the rough and tumble. After hesitating for half an hour, I finally pressed the button!


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